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My own support team

My husband is a smoker and even though His overall cholesterol is good (about 160) His bad cholesterol is higher than it should be and His good cholesterol is lower than it should be. The doctor said to quit smoking or start working out. So He has started walking with Me. He is going to be 30 this year and so I have been pressing Him to take His health a little more seriously. We have been cutting down on red meat, processed foods, and refined sugar. That has helped Him and I so far. Plus, it doesn't do any harm to have the kids eating healthier at their young ages (19 month old girl and 4 year old boy).
I feel completely great about making this fitness and nutrition (and hopefully soon when my hubby stops smoking) a family affair. I don't want to bog the kids down with calories, fat, or body image. But just making eating about being healthy seems like a good idea. In fact today we all went for a walk. Well, they walked a little and then rode in a stroller the rest of the way. We go walking at a nearby park with a beautiful trail and it leads to a little play ground. So after we were done walking we took them to the playground to play. It was a lot of fun and doing it as a family makes it even better.
After our walk we went to Wendy's. I don't know if they have them every where. So if they don't, it's like McDonald's, Burger king, sonic, etc, etc. I ordered myself a side salad and my husband a regular burger meal. I didn't super-size His meal or anything. That way I had my salad and Him and I split the high calorie stuff like the small soda and fries. I ordered the kids chicken nugget meals. Instead of them both getting fries I ordered one with fries and one with the mandarin orange fruit cup. Plus, they both got 1% chocolate milk to drink. I split the oranges and the fries between them and they loved it. Now was this the healthiest lunch ever no, but it's certainly healthier than we usually eat when we eat out.
But isn't that what it's all about? Little changes in everyday things that add up to a healthier life? All I know is that my family appears to be on the right tract to health. Plus, getting healthier as a family means never running out of support :)
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