Holly (dncr119) wrote in ww_christian,

The forbidden fruit

I was flipping through one of Joyce Meyer's books- "Eat and Stay Thin"- when I came across something that really made me have an ah ha moment. She was talking about when Eve ate the forbidden fruit... How many times have you heard people claim that they would not have eaten the fruit. But if you think about all of the things that we put into our bodies that we shouldn't- it's kind of the same thing. (Joyce explained it much more eloquently) I have been trying to think of things like that. God wants us to be happy and healthy and not so body conscious- we won't die if we eat the bad stuff, but there will be consequences- ie no bikinis this season. I don't know- it kind of put things n a different perspective.

Also I read another really great tip in Oxygen magazine. It said that when you go to the grocery store- shop on the outside aisles only. If you think about how a supermarket is set up- on the outside is dairy, produce, and meats. The inside aisles are mostly processed foods which are usually more fattening. also not seeing the bad foods on the inner aisle lessens the temptation to buy them.

My goal for this week is to lose 2 pounds. So far I have been eating very healthy and low calorie- however I did have a small break down with about half a bag of M&M's. Now if only I could bring myself to get on my treadmill (but then I'd have to move all of my clothes ha ha).
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