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So I just finished another round of yo-yoing!! I start eating right, exercising, and reading my bible. Than something happens. I get sick and stop exercising, I get stressed and start eating junk, or I get to busy to read the word. It's always something. Than I say, I'll eat better when I'm less stressed, I'll work out more when I feel better, or I'll start reading the word starting tomorrow!! If I maintained my weight loss plan with as much energy as I generate excuses I would never have a weight problem!! Well, I have been busier than usual and a little more stressed than usual. We have a lot coming up in May and I am still going to make a plan and stick to it. No more, I'll start when life is perfect. I have been waiting for life to be perfect for years and all it has done it helped me to pack on and maintain an extra 60 to 80 pounds. My body and certainly my spirit is tired of this struggle. What would it mean to me to get up and not feel my body ache under this extra weight? What would it mean to me to eat something and not worry about the calorie count, fat gram, glycemic load or point that food contained? I can't even fathom it. I am choosing to make a plan and I am choosing to make a promise to myself. I will end every month lighter than I started. If it's an ounce, a pound, or more (God willing) it will be lighter.
I was hoping that we could start something in this community. It's been really quite around this journal lately. So I was hoping maybe we could read the same book or maybe meditate on one bible passage or story a week. Then on a designated day, we could all post on that particular topic and share idea's. It doesn't necessarily be about weight. Just being in the word helps to cultivate all the skills needed for a healthy life. What are you thoughts about this idea? Let Me know. I hope you are all having a blessed evening :)
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